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Swank Wash®?

We offer the worlds best mobile detailing service & car care product formulas. 

Our incredibly talented & professional mobile detailers ensure the most swanky swirl free finish on every detail using our world leading car care formulas.

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Our Detailing Services

Detailed maintenance wash, which will bring your vehicle back to a near showroom standard in half a day.

  • Detailed Alloy Wheel Clean

  • Touchless Pre-Clean With Snow Foam (ph neutral)

  • Gentle Contact Wash Using Double Bucket Grit Guard Method

  • Soft Pile Drying Towels 

  • Detailed Interior Hoover 

  • Leather Clean + Gtechniq Leather Guard

  • All interior surfaces cleaned & protected 

  • Glass & Windows Polished Inside & Out

  • Door Jambs Cleaned & Dried

  • Supreme Tyre 

  • SiO2 3-month Protection application to help promote water beading & self-cleaning / Ceramic Coat Top Up


**Ceramic coat safe - using the correct shampoos and methods** 



Two cars in one day

£169 | 8 HOURS 

Two cars. One Day. One consultant....

The Group Swank is perfect for those looking to get two cars swanked in one day. Your car care consultant will arrive in the morning and both cars will be super swanky by the end of the day. 

The package includes every process included in the Half Day Swank but gives you better value for money. 




The full-day Swank provides long term protection on the interior & exterior, plus enhancements

£249 | 8 - 10 HOURS

Now £169 For A Limited Time

  • Detailed Alloy Wheel Clean

  • Touchless Pre-Clean With Snow Foam (ph neutral)

  • Gentle Contact Wash Using Double Bucket Grit Guard Method

  • Air Dried Using Soft Pile Drying Towels 

  • Detailed Interior Hoover Including Boot

  • Dashboard, Wheel & Consoles Cleaned

  • Glass & Windows Polished Inside & Out

  • Door Jambs Cleaned & Dried

  • Supreme Tyre & Trim dressing

  • SiO2 3-month Protection application to help promote water beading & self-cleaning

Additional services:

  • Carpets & Mats Are Shampooed

  • Dashboard, Wheel and Consoles are Sanitised & Protected

  • Advanced Leather Clean and Leather Balm protection applied with Gtechniq Leather Guard

  • Full interior Gtechniq protection, fabric, leather & plastics 

  • Gtechniq Smart Glass application

  • Ceramic or carnaúba paste wax

  • Exhaust & Chrome Polish 

Paint correction, enhancement & protection service. 

Paint correction, perfection & protection. 

£299 | 8 HOURS 

In recent years compounds have advanced drastically offering ( DAT ) diminishing abrasive technology meaning the compound starts with a strong abrasive in order to correct the paint defects and finishing with a much finer finishing polish broken down via the machine DA polisher. A one-stage machine polish can achieve absolutely incredible results.

Once we have corrected and perfected the paint we then apply the highest quality Swank Wax, Ceramic Coat that's been formulated by the UK's best chemists and manufactured within the UK. 

You won't believe how good your paint can look and perform. 

  • Removes swirls and defects caused by low-quality car care

  • Dramatically enhances paint finish and boosts gloss levels

  • Clear Coat Scratch removal

  • Panel wipe down and prep

  • Protected by Swank Wax® Ceramic coat. 

  • G-Techniq Smart Glass

  • Ceramic & Paste Wax Safe
  • Professional Formula 
  • Swanky Reflective Gloss finish
  • Highest grade formula 
  • Formulated and made in the UK
  • Breaks down dirt effectively 
  • Super thick and slick   



We have created the world's best professional car care formulas with the help of the UK's smartest and most talented chemists. 


Our bespoke formulas deliver a professional user experience with truly outstanding results boosting gloss levels and making your pride & joy look better than ever before. 


As professional mobile detailers, swanking the UK's most prestigious cars at the client's location we knew what was needed to create world-leading formulas for at-home use in the very environment our detailers Swank in every day. 

Formulated & made in the UK 🇬🇧

  • Quality Tigger Spray
  • Rapid Evaporation
  • Smear Free 
  • Strong Formula 
  • Professional Formula   

Clients love a good Swank



Energetic, skilled

& professional  

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Our Detailers


ROLE: Car Care Consultant

AREA: London & national

HOBBY: Mountain biking


ROLE: Car Care Consultant

AREA: London

SERVICES: , Half Day, Full Day

HOBBY: Music, Guitarist

Ben W 

ROLE: Car Care Consultant

AREA:  North West

HOBBY:  Mountain Biking 

Swank Wash® is a new breed of car care and detailing.

Passion! We are insanely passionate about cars and detailing. This passion has lead to the UK's best swirl-free mobile detailing service.

We have utilised the most innovative, mobile lithium powered tools, to create a truly premium, on-demand, mobile detailing service fast becoming one of the most reputable and in-demand services in London and beyond.

Clients can book a service at a click of a button and we are fully mobilised to bring 100 litres of deionized water, the finest finishing products and 100% of the power, to give our Clients an insanely high quality and first-class service.


We are proud of our innovative solution & team

We are not a franchise but rather a super Swanky team. We made the decision not to franchise so we can ensure the highest possible quality always. We will never compromise for fast cash but rather grow and train the worlds best-detailing team.

It’s thanks to our cordless partners, that we have been able to package up such an incredible offering.  Powered by small but mighty batteries, our jet wash will blast through road film and grime, but won’t disturb the neighbours! Never going over 320psi, the paint will be protected and so will the peace.

Swank Wash®  convenient and hassle-free.

We chose to use small and large cars for our fleet to suit every job and location - their small but mighty dimensions mean we can squeeze down the tightest of roads and park in the smallest of spots. We also have a pick-up truck for our bigger jobs!

And because all of our kit is cordless, we don’t have to find a spot next to our Clients car or ask them to move it.


We look after our Client’s cars as if they were a classic Ferrari F50.

We patiently treat every inch of the car with meticulous precision. We don’t compromise on any of our tools, from the double buckets with grit guards, to the ultra-soft brushes, in combination with ph neutral snow foam, every product and tool we use is pretested to ensure it produces a high-quality finish.

And it goes without saying that our car care consultants receive comprehensive and detailed training, even if they are experienced because our Swank Wash method is unique.


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Email: info@swankwash.com