Swank Wash is a new breed of car care and detailing.


We have utilised the most innovative, mobile lithium-ion powered tools, to create a truly premium, on-demand, mobile service and have fast become one of the most reputable and in-demand services in London.


Clients can book a service at a click of a button and we are fully mobilised to bring 100 litres of deionized water, the finest finishing products and 100% of the power, to give our Clients the most high quality and first-class service.

We are proud of our innovative solution. 


And it’s thanks to our cordless partners, that we have been able to package up such an incredible offering. You won’t find us using noisy, anti-social generators, instead we’ve chosen power tools that reduce our noise pollution.


Powered by small but mighty batteries, our jet wash will blast through road film and grime, but won’t disturb the neighbours! Never going over 320psi, paint will be protected and so will the peace. 

Swank Wash aims to be convenient and hassle-free.


We chose to use VW ups as our fleet cars - it’s small but mighty dimensions mean we can squeeze down the tightest of roads and park in the smallest of spots. We also have a pick up truck for our bigger jobs!


And because all of our kit is cordless, we don’t have to find a spot next to our Clients car or ask them to move it. 

We look after our Client’s cars as if they were a classic Ferrari F50.


We patiently treat every inch of the car with meticulous precision. We don’t compromise on any of our tools, from the double buckets with grit guards, to the ultra-soft brushes, in combination with ph neutral snow foam, every product and tool we use is pretested to ensure it produces a high-quality finish.


And it goes without saying that our car care consultants receive comprehensive and detailed training, even if they are experienced because our Swank Wash method is unique.









Monday to Sunday 9am - 6pm

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