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Mobile Detailing Services 

Benjamin Mossman

Area: London & Surrey

Contact Number: 0750 777 1492

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Spring Protection Package

1:1 Snow Foam 

1:2 Detail brushes

1:3 Jet-wash 

1:4 Alloys Detailed Tyres Cleaned 

1:5 Double Bucket method contact wash

1:6 Soft towel dry 

1:7 Door shuts detailed 

1:8 Glass Polished 

1:9 Six to twelve month Glass Sealant Applied 

1:10 Twelve-month  ceramic wax machine applied

1:11 Wheel sealant


2:1 Remove Matts 

2:2 Detailed Hoover 

2:3 Deep clean door cards 

2:4 Clean foot pedals - dash - steering wheel - centre console - vents - touchpoints 

2:5 Clean leather or fabric

2:5 Deep clean matts 

2:6 Dry interior

2:7 Gtechniq Leather Guard or Autoglym Balm 

2:8 Gtechniq Fabric Protection 

2:9 Gtechniq Matt Dash


3:1 High-quality tyre Dressing 

3:2 Air freshener & dehumidify

3:4 Key return & walkthrough  

Sports Car in Storm

Cancellation and weather policy 

The weather is our biggest challenge as mobile detailers. If we have to cancel due to weather we will offer you a deposit refund or arrange the soonest possible date to get you booked back in. 

If you have to cancel within 72 hours before the scheduled appointment due to personal circumstances we will sadly have to keep the £15 deposit to cover some cancellation costs. 


1 Stage Machine Polish

The Goal

This service is specifically designed to lift your paint and protect it. We use the highest quality Flex, DA polishing machine with a combination of polishers and pads to match your paint damage to achieve incredible results removing swirls caused by poor quality washes. 


Swirls, paint damage 

Swirl removal, the result of this all depends on the prior protection the car has had applied, depth of damaged and hardness of paint, also the prior protection that has been applied plays a factor.

Results of a one-stage polish can achieve between 100% & 50% correction but you will be amazed at the result regardless of a detailer who knows what he’s doing with over one hundred cars polished. 



Once the paint has been cut back and corrected it needs protecting, we can either apply a Gtechniq Ceramic Coating or a choice of waxes ranging from natural carnauba to ceramic.


1.1 Alloy Detail 

1:2 Snow Foam 

1:3 Detail brush

1:4 Rinse Down 

1:5 Dry  


2:1 Clay Bar 

2:2 Scratch removal 

2:3 Find the and test for the best pad & polish combination 

2:4 Proceed to polish the whole car 

2:5 Apply protection 


3:1 Polish windows 

3:2 Apply for window protection 


4:1 Apploy alloy wheel sealant 


5:1 Polish exhausts 


5:1 Valet / mini valet car ( timer permitting )