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Update on Covid 19

Satisfying clients is a big priority


Following the latest lockdown measures and the updated Government Guidelines released in Jan 2021, we can confirm that we are still open to swank. The safety of our car care consultants and clients continues to be our biggest priority. 

Heightened safety precautions


We continue to practice the heightened safety precautions put in place in March 2020 to protect our consultants and clients. These include:

Zero face to face contact


Zero-face-to-face contact is standard with every service. Our Car Care Consultants will call or text upon arrival and you can tell them where you left your keys. They will perform the service and sanitise your keys before putting them back. 


Disposable gloves, face masks (for interior detoxes) will be used on every service. 


New sanitisation methods


We have introduced new to techniques sanitise the interior of your car while protecting the materials. We use a range of anti-bacterial products to kill bacteria and viruses found on the surface of your car.

For any concerns, please reach out. 


Contact us if you have any worries, or would like to reschedule or cancel your Swank Wash®.

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