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Let it Snow... Foam

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Why Snow Foam?

You will hear the words snow foam a lot when hanging around a Swank Wash Car Care Consultant.

Why? Because we love it!

We love it because it makes so much sense to snow foam a car before contact washing to remove the grit and soften the dirt.

What is snow foam?

Snow Foam is a foaming product that is primarily designed to soften dirt allowing the grit that creates swirls to fall away from the car during the next jet wash stage.

There are different strengths of snow foam however snow foams are typically PH neutral and it’s primary function is soften the dirt, road grime and contaminants rather than clean the car.

There are more aggressive snow foam formulas available in the market to help you with a proper decontamination wash for when you are wanting to strip the car back to the clear coat and apply new long-lasting protection. The stronger formulas should only be used for a decontamination wash as they will help strip wax and protectants. Warning stronger formulas will damage ceramic coats and shorten the product life.

Why do we rave over snow foam?

Snow foam is an invaluable product, we have three weapons at our disposal during the contactless wash. Snow Foam, Citrus Pre Wash and a jet wash.

Let’s quickly touch on a citrus pre-wash, this also acts like snow foam without the foaming ability. Citrus wash sits in the same family as snow foam and is used in the same method. See it as snow foams, little brother. The main difference is cling time and foaming ability, the foaming ability of Snow Foam allows us to work with detailing brushes during the long cling time.

The long cling time of snow foam is ideal because it can work on road film for longer breaking down the dirt gently over several minutes.

Because it’s so foamy and has such a long cling time we can safely work in the cracks, grills and seals with specific soft detailing brush softly loosening the dirt for the jet wash to then clear out the gunk, mould and other nasties found in these areas.

After using snow foam we can go into our double bucket contact method with 100% confidence knowing the grit has been removed by the snow foam and jet wash drastically decreasing the chance of swirling.

How to use Snow Foam

It’s simple, nothing to worry about, set aside 30 minutes to complete the full cycle.

Equipment needed

  1. High-Quality Snow Foam Cannon

  2. High-Quality Snow Foam

  3. Jet Wash

  4. Detailing Brushes


  1. Fill Snow foam cannon with correct product ratio

  2. Attach snow foam cannon to jet wash

  3. Shoot the snow foam all over the car

  4. Leave for several minutes to soften the dirt