Although this is our entry level service, this service is by no means entry level. This is premium car care at it’s very best! On the exterior your pride and joy will be treated to a fully detailed clean. This all starts with a touchless pre-clean with snow foam, where we also use detailing brushes to reach in all the gaps, grills and seals.


We use a double bucket grid guard hand wash method to avoid scratches and swirls. And depending on your current coat of protection, we will choose between the market leading shampoos, wash & wax or Si02 including ceramic top up’s. We leave every car knowing it will be protected against road film and UV for months to come. This level of protection also adds greatly to the finish with your premium high gloss finish lasting much longer than you would expect. 

Before caring for the paintwork the alloys get super detailed swanky treatment  with PH balanced wheel cleaners to slowly lift the break dust, once the 2-3 dwell time is up we use detailing brushes to get in every angle and surface of the alloy.  We also reach deep inside the well to clean the break dust because having a clean well reflects more light out from within the wheel improving the overall appearance of the alloy. For Carbon ceramic  breaks we use the appropriate products and methods.    

Moving onto the interior where we take impeccable care, delicately working around the interior with premium products and microfibres and brushes. We hoover all mats and carpets and leave a spotless finish.


You will regularly find a service with this many touch points costing in excess of £149 however we believe premium care can be offered at better value, without cutting corners and with highly trained, skilled car care consultants. 


You may be wondering why you would go for any other package. To help simplify our services, the Tier 2 package simply provides a deeper interior clean on all fabrics, plastics and leather, so we can apply advanced fabric and surface protection for long term durability. 

Check out the service checklist for more details.


Interior and exterior detail


The Tier 2 includes every touchpoint from the Tier 3 however it has a stronger focus on the interior of your car as we perform a deeper clean and apply protection with advanced products by Gtechniq. It’s designed to give you peace of mind when it comes to your leathers, plastics and fabrics. 


Usually leather protection alone costs in excess of £50 however we are providing you with interior protection across the whole car as your pride and joy should be protected throughout rather than just the leather. With all the touch points of the Tier 3 and topping this off with serious interior protection. We are currently underpriced for this service.

Check out the service checklist for more details.





During this full day service your car will be treated to a full decomantion, as we strip back the interior and exterior before reapplying new, long lasting protection for your pride and joy.


On the exterior we go in heavy with a Snow Foam that is high in PH to safely remove non bounded surface contaminants. Moving on from this, we use the traditional double bucket method with an advanced high PH shampoo to clean the exterior of the car. If you are left with bounded contaminants, we can remove these with a more aggressive clay bar method. This process is optional as it can cause light maring to the paint, so it’s worth considering whether you would rather the bounded contaminants over very light micro scratches. If it’s a perfect finish you are looking for then consider our S1 & S2.


Once we have stripped the surface of any contaminants exposing the clear coat, it’s then ready for the paste wax to be applied. We use premium waxes, high in natural carnauba paste, to dramatically enhance the appearance of your vehicle, while providing a thick long lasting layer of protection! We then seal this in with sealants that last upto 12 months.


With many proud car owners wanting ceramic coats, it’s worth considering if a paste wax and sealant option could be better for you and your use, it certainly shouldn’t be looked over before you jump straight into a permanently bonded ceramic coating. 


Gtechniq Smart Glass sealant, designed to make driving in the wet safer and less tiring is applied to create a crystal clear finish. The tyres are dressed and exhaust tips are polished.


The Tier 1 service also receives the same interior care and protection as seen in Tier 2





The detail starts with a swanky decontamination. This begins with a snow foam and delicate hand wash before we move onto the clay bar to remove all surface contaminants. This meticulous and thorough cleanse ensures the surface condition is primed to perfection and that we can move onto the next stage, the machine polish. All stages within Tier 1 are included in this service.

We use a 3 in 1 compound, to correct defects such as swirl marks and light scratches. The 3 in 1 compound refines out to leave a high gloss shine with lasting protection. Deeper imperfections will remain but the detail will significantly improve, leaving a rich glossy finish and depth of colour.

If your car paintwork is in need of more than a single-stage polish then a 2 stage paint correction may be more suitable.






A stage 2 correction will tackle some of the deeper swirls and light scratches through a rotary machine polish and involves using two different polish and pad combinations.

Firstly we machine polish using a coarse cutting compound. This will help to tackle the deeper swirl marks and paint defects that a single stage machine polish can’t.

Secondly, we move on to the final part of the paint correction, the refining stage. A fine finishing compound on the machine polisher refines and restores deep levels of gloss back to your cars paintwork.

We finish the treatment off which a ceramic coat or wax polish.

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