• *Subject to interview & CRB check* 

  • This is not a franchise agreement but a consultancy agreement 

  • All packages come with training 

  • All packages come with equipment 

  • All packages come with jobs provided by Swank Wash®

  • Packages designed to get you on the road and being part of the best and fastest growing detailing company in the UK.

  • Serious applications only 




Quick Swanker - Cargo Bike 


The Quick Swanker is a high paced and dynamic money-making role, that allows you to get on the Swank team providing the super swanky Quick Swank four times a day, getting clients looking incredible on the road. 

Your choice of vehicle is an electric cargo bike that will get you quickly from client to water to the client within the congested inner city as effectively as possible. You will be super agile and fast, providing an incredible quick Swank to loads of needy London car lovers.

The quick Swank focuses on the exterior of the car making it look insane in a short amount of time, while still providing the highest possible quality leaving no swirls but a massively Swanky finish. 


The service time will take roughly 1 hour and use a core range of equipment and products. 

Upfront Cost of equipment & training £999

Monthly cargo bike rental cost £125 PM 

You may wish to provide your own suitable electric cargo bike 

Detailer Insurance: £21 PM 

£30 per week product cost 

Expected monthly income £2000 - £3500 


Services Provided:

Quick Swank 




This is how it all began! Operating with innovative equipment out of hatchback providing an amazing service 4 times a day. This has now been changed to 2 swanks a day to reduce stress and increase consultants profits and enjoyment.

You will visit clients twice a day providing an unbeatable and impeccable service for the interior and exterior. The car will be left absolutely immaculate and you will be ready for you next Swanky Client. It's an incredibly rewarding job to make two cars a showroom standard twice a day. 



Upfront Cost of equipment & training £1499

You need to provide a suitable car and your own vehicle insurance 

We can advise PCP and HP options to get you on the road. 

Insurance £21 

Service provided

£30 per week product costs 


Expected monthly income £2000 - £3500 


Service Provided: 

Quick Swank ( Optional ) 

Swanking Perfect ½ day

Pack 3 

Master Swanker 

Pick up truck 

The master Swanker! 

This is an amazing package that provides you with all the tools and equipment & training to tackle any and every job with the ability to take on well-paid paint correction work and perfect work. 

You will be providing Gtechiq ceramic coating, waxes and sealants as long term protection. We cater for the very premium end of detailing. 


As a master Swanker, you will be expected to be one of the very best detailers in the industry! 


We will take on paint correction machine polishing & full-day services carrying huge gazebo’s allowing you to absolutely boss it in any weather. We are a rolling mobile studio with lights & sidewalls. 


Upfront Cost, Equipment & training costs £2999


If you don’t already own a pickup truck we can advise on PCP and HP options to get you on the road with your own pickup truck expect to pay between £250 - £500 PM depending on the truck and dealer

Vehicle insurance per month £50 - £150. we have a list of great insurance brokers who can help you get insured. 

Detailer Insurance £21 per month 

£30 per week product costs


Services provided: 

Quick Swank ( Optional )

Swanking Perfect ½ day 

Signature Swank, Full Day 

S1 Paint correction and perfection 

S2 Paint correction and perfection 


Expected monthly income £2000 - £5000



Monday - Sunday 9am - 6pm

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